Spicy Arrabbiata

Here’s something really easy for the weekend: spicy tomato and parmesan pasta - penne all’ arrabbiata (which means ‘angry’).

You can make it as hot (or not) as you like. I choose to take the chillies out but you can, if you like hotter sauce, slice them up at the start and just leave them in. You can add chilli flakes too 🌶

A pinch of bicarb will regulate the acidity in the tomatoes - I prefer this to adding sugar as some people suggest. The result is a really savoury tomatoey taste. I never ever use the flavoured passata because those synthetic basil or garlic tastes are horrible 🌿

Add as much parmesan as you like and remember to add plenty of salt and pepper; the sauce has a big job to do, seasoning all that pasta! 🧀

I always check my pasta a couple of minutes before I think it should be ready so I don’t get caught out - soft, over done pasta is the way to kill your experience ☠️

Enjoy :)

Click for video:

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