Fennel Tagliatelle

My friend @chauhanemma made this delicious pasta with fennel for us years ago for a lovely dinner at her house. We spoke about it the other night when we all got together again. I’ve made from memory - I’m hoping it’s about right. I think it should be made with spaghetti but the two supermarkets near me had none left - so fennel tagliatelle it is!

I made this for two of us - chopping up one fennel, two cloves of garlic, a big bunch of parsley, a good few glugs of olive oil and the zest and juice from two lemons. As much parmesan as you like... and plenty of salt and pepper. It’s really easy. The aniseedy fennel is soft against the pasta but keeps its bite, and the lemon and salty parmesan add some savoury sharpness 😋

Click for video:

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