Paccari al verde

A quick and really really tasty pasta. These a paccari which are the smaller Neapolitan cousins of paccheri.

They’re great for this because the peas and asparagus tips find their way inside and you get a bright, creamy, pasta parcel with your forchettata (forkful).

Blanche the peas and asparagus for two minutes and then drop them into ice water. This ensures you have bright green, fresh looking crema which will not discolour.

Pecorino is the cheese for this as it’s salty and sharp and it complements the creamy sauce. I like to use it at different stages of cooking rather than put all in one go at the end - you get a different texture and flavour.

It takes about 15minutes to do the whole thing and so easy with my @nutribullet 😋🥂

Click for video:

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